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Three Words to Describe Me:

Dreamer. Motivator. Creator.

HCR is my outlet to share, grow and create.

How HCR started:

It started a place to help me communicate my learning experiences. As time progressed, I realized that I didn’t want HCR to replicate anything else. The goal is to have it transform into a community that supports positive development.

Why Read HCR?

Everyone needs a little inspiration and a sense of connection. HCR is a healthy way to share knowledge, grow and change your life.


Here is a little about what I believe… 

I believe in following your heart to discover the best things in life. You know yourself better than anyone else does and when you listen to your heart – (trust your gut instinct) – it will never lead you astray.

So Cheers to –

“Health, Happiness & Home.”

This is my passion. Please enjoy the tips, the laughs, and the learning. The website is currently under construction – I look forward to seeing you soon!


HCR, Her Cardinal Rules