Healing Choices, Health & HCR

For the launching post, we knew that the topic had to be something very special.

To us, “Health, Happiness, & Home,” are so intertwined that you can’t really have one without the other.

HCR, HEALTH, PLATOOne of the goals of HCR is to support healthy living – we want to bring back the freedom that should be associated with making the right choices for you. HCR is here to share new recipes, ideas and stories to strengthen you – mind, body and soul. It is time to make yourself a priority. Why not remove the guilt from choosing you first, having a busy schedule, or working too much? There are no more wrong choices, only the option to make the best choice for you. We are here to encourage you to make that right decision for yourself. You deserve it. We want to help you choose your health, because (in our experience) what comes along with it is a whole lot of happiness – and, really, who could complain about that?

When you start making the right choices for you – you begin strengthening a network that is already in place. There is no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to health and happiness – oil it properly and watch it go! The body is truly a magnificent machine that has the potential to heal itself. But, that post is for another night and probably for many more nights to come…

So, please let us re-introduce you to health – what it really is and why it is important.


HCR, Her Cardinal Rules


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