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It is time to reset for the new year. If resetting isn’t one of your rituals/goals to accomplish before December 31st, each year you might want to add it. While everyone else is sitting and reviewing the year, choose to make the next one different. Self-reflection can be great, but action is better. What is the best way to gain new perspective? Learn something new about yourself, right now.

Here is a list of the TED talks that will help you reset for the new year.

Larry Smith – “Why You FaNew Year, Reset, HCR, Quoteil To Have A Great Career”

Recognize any familiar excuses? Finally, someone breaks it down for us. Do yourself a favor and watch this one twice.

Elizabeth Gilbert – “Your Elusive Creative Genius” 

Listen to Elizabeth Gilbert (Author of Eat, Pray, Love) talk about the whispers of an inexplicable spirit who guides your genius. Get ready for a spiritually uplifting experience.

Mel Robbins “How To Stop Screwing Yourself Over”  

This talk about the unforgivable ‘F’ word will leave you wondering why you ever thought it was okay to use that word. It is a great way to reset your vocabulary for the new year.

Ashley Stahl – Unlock Your Authentic Career” 

Ashley says learning about yourself can be broken down into three different questions. Since she shares just three, it has to be manageable, right?  When the talk is finished – make living authentically a goal for 2017.



Busy schedule? Start simple and set the goal of one TED Talk a day. Each talk has more than enough information to keep you thinking all day.

Resetting for the new year is important because it means change. While we are all capable of self-reflection, you are moving forward and taking the next step. As a result, you are learning and growing. Isn’t it nice to have a sure fire way to start the new year with a new perspective?


You can do it!