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Here are my MUST-HAVE products from Vapour Beauty. The Quick Shopping List… The Best Nude Lipstick Ever – High Voltage Lipstick Volumizing and Lengthening Mascara – Vapour Mascara Medium/Full Coverage, Light Weight Foundation – Vapour Foundation Gentle Contour / All Over Bronzer – Vapour Bronzing Powder The Perfect Soft Rosey Blush – Vapour Blush You […]

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Welcome to the The Basics of Clean Beauty. You have been so sweet over the last few months for answering all of my questions on Instagram stories and I cannot thank you enough. It has led me to develop a customized approach to the blog, which means more information tailored specifically to your needs. With that […]

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It is simple. Healthy skin just feels better.  Most of us hold our skin to pretty high standards. We expect our skin to be glowing and blemish free all of the time, yet we hardly give it the attention that it deserves. We go to sleep in makeup from the day before, wake up, shower… […]

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